Chinese Crypto Exec Quits Firm Amidst Sexual Harrasment Probe

A&T Capital’s founding partner Yu Jun reportedly resigned from his position earlier this month. While the crypto fund cited “personal issues” as the reason, Jun has refrained from commenting on the matter.
According to a statement to Bloomberg, A&T Capital said that Jun, a veteran in China’s crypto investor community, is no longer involved with the company’s operations.

Jun was an investment director of Ant and assisted the Jack Ma-backed fintech empire to establish A&T Capital, which has been investing in offshore crypto projects since 2014. The exec had previously worked at OKX Investment as well.
However, several women took to social media over the past week to accuse Jun of sexual harassment sparking widespread outrage among Chinese crypto investors and developers.
The report suggests that another partner, Jasmine Zhang, will be in charge of a probe into Jun’s behavior, while A&T Capital said it will cooperate with the authorities on the matter.
An Ant spokesperson confirmed that the matter is under police investigation and added that the company does not “tolerate any behavior that violates the laws, regulations or its ethical codes.”
Despite not commenting directly on the entire event, Binance co-founder and chief marketing officer Yi He tweeted,

“What deserves our attention is how women should respond to harassment in the workplace competition in a patriarchal society.”
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