Coinbase’s L2 Network Base Opens Mainnet for Builders

The team behind Base – an Ethereum Layer 2 chain built on OP Stack in collaboration with Optimism – said its mainnet is available for builders to deploy their products. 
The entity will release a “Genesis Builder” NFT to commemorate those who entered the ecosystem from the get-go. However, it has no intentions of issuing a network token.
The Latest Step
Base announced its testnet launch in February, which allowed it to connect with “incredible builders and have watched their projects start to thrive” on the network, enabling on-chain games, restaurants, communities, and advocacy. 
The Base mainnet aims to double down on the previous success, providing “hands-on support” for developers who deploy products into the ecosystem. The entity revealed that builders could bridge ether (ETH) to Base for gas during this phase by employing the portal proxy contract. “Do not send any asset other than ETH to the portal proxy contract,” the team warned. 
Various tools, including smart wallet infrastructure, node providers, data indexers, and more, are already live on the mainnet and aim to support the builders’ efforts.
Base highlighted its most recent achievement, assuring it has completed all necessary criteria, such as demonstration of the testnet’s stability, Optimism’s successful upgrade of Bedrock, and completion of internal and external audits. 
“We’re grateful for the community’s patience as we worked through these criteria, and we’re excited to welcome everyone on to a secure, scalable, and builder-friendly Base,” it stated.
What’s Next?
Base is preparing for a public launch in early August when more users will be permitted to onboard the network. 
“With our mainnet GA launch in early August, we’ll welcome everyday users to feel how on-chain is the next online with a seamless, easy, secure experience across hundreds of products on Base,” it stated.
Base is empowered by the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. One of its advantages is that it lets users build decentralized apps with access to the platform’s products, clients, and tools. 
The network leverages the underlying security of Ethereum alongside Coinbase’s experience in the industry to enable consumers to onramp layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain protocols. 
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