Jack Dorsey-Backed Damus Faces Explusion From Apple’s App Store Over Bitcoin Tipping Feature

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Apple has issued a warning to the decentralized social networking company, Damus with expulsion from the App Store if it does not remove a feature that enables Bitcoin payments.
Damus, which is based on top of a decentralized social media protocol Nostr, was developed as a Twitter alternative and is backed by Jack Dorsey. Since its debut in February this year, the app has faced significant difficulties when trying to get listed in Apple’s global App Store due to its decentralized nature, which is typically associated with a lack of content moderation.
Apple Vs Damus
In the latest development, Damus took to Twitter to reveal that the tech giant has given 14 days to remove a feature called “Zaps.” It allows Bitcoin rewards distribution as tips via the integration of the Lightning Network widget. Apple has claimed that feature to be in violation of its in-app purchase requirement.
The social media app attached a screenshot of the tech giant’s warning, which pointed to its feature that allows users to send “tips” associated with receiving content from digital content creators with a mechanism other than in-app purchase.
Apple said that “although tips or donations may be optional if they are connected to or associated with receiving digital content, they must use in-app purchase in accordance with guidelines.”
“This would be a watershed moment: If people can’t transact freely p2p on their platform, this has huge implications for the entire ecosystem of apps with lightning integration and v4v.”
This isn’t the first time Damus has run into trouble. Last month, the app was banned from Apple’s China App Store.
Urging Apple to correct its mistake, one Nostr creator clarified that users on the Damus app are not “receiving content from digital content creators” and that the content is posted on the network via many clients, which is completely free for everyone.
He went on to add that the users are not “paying for the content” and “nothing is being purchased.”
Several community members drew attention to Twitter itself which also has a tipping feature and accused Apple of playing favorites.

Zaps on Twitter good
Zaps on @damusapp bad
Damus is being forced to remove this feature, whats up with that? pic.twitter.com/nnq6ytna1I
— Damus (@damusapp) June 13, 2023

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