Locals on Edge About the Construction of a Crypto Miner Near McLouth, Kansas (Report)

Most residents of McLouth, Kansas, reportedly criticized the potential construction of a cryptocurrency data center about a mile and a half north of the town. 
Their main concerns are that the facility will harm the local environment and be very loud. 
Not a Warm Welcome
According to recent coverage, many residents of the small town of McLouth have frowned upon the possible construction of a cryptocurrency data processing center on top of a nearby natural gas field. Paul Nissen – a local of the town – explained more about the location:
“What I have heard is that this is coming to our area, about a mile and a half north of where we’re at right now. They’re going to be providing their own generators to power it. The generators are going to be powered by natural gas that they’re going to be sucking out of the natural gas storage field.”
He also warned that the facility could be quite noisy and burn the energy reserves of the region, causing pollution.
On the other hand, Roger Dahlby – an engineer working alongside Crypto Colo Center to build the data center – assured it will be a source of renewable energy. He further believes the firm will provide job opportunities for the town, which has a population of fewer than 900 people. 
Despite those benefits, the majority remain against the idea. Edith Williams – another McLouth resident – said she recently settled in the area and loved it the way it is. She vowed to do everything within her power to keep the crypto miner away from her home. 
A city council is yet to be held where the authorities will discuss the variety of problems the facility could bring to locals and whether to approve its launch.
Same Issue in North Carolina
The people from Murphy, North Carolina, recently complained that a crypto miner located next to their town causes such “insane” noise that some people relocated. Mike Lugiewicz is among those who have not moved yet but contemplates doing so:
“This morning it’s running at about 85 decibels. It sounds and feels like you’re behind a jet sitting on the tarmac, and that jet never leaves, or imagine being inside of Niagara Falls and not being able to get rid of the noise ever like your house is dead center of Niagara Falls.”
He said the miner had damaged the domestic power grid, too, leaving the community without electricity over the Christmas holidays. 
Lugiewicz raised hopes that the local authorities remove the facility because many of Murphy’s residents are elderly people and unable to leave their hometown.
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