Pepe Approaching New All-Time High as Bonk, CWIF, Sealana Also Surge

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Pepe Approaching New All-Time High as Bonk, CWIF, Sealana Also Surge

It’s been a great start to the week for meme coin traders as Pepe (PEPE) approaches a new all-time high.

Other popular tokens, like Bonk (BONK) and catwifhat (CWIF), are also pumping.

Meanwhile, viral presale project Sealana (SEAL) continues to draw praise ahead of its first exchange listing.

PEPE Rally Gains Momentum as Token Nears All-Time High

PEPE has been on a tear in the past 24 hours.

The token is now trading at $0.0000111 – putting it just 4% away from the all-time high of $0.0000115 set last Wednesday.

After tapping that high, PEPE endured a 23% pullback over the following four days as traders cashed in some profits.

But that downturn was short-lived, with buyers returning to resume the rally.

Now, PEPE could be gearing up for a second attempt at shattering its record value.

The momentum is clearly there, with trading volumes elevated and meme coin mania returning to the market.

If PEPE can successfully pass the $0.0000115 hurdle, there’s no telling how far the rally could go.

PEPE would be in price discovery mode – meaning that its price could surge even higher as it navigates uncharted territory.

Investors are excited about this possibility, with prominent traders like Plazma tweeting about the token multiple times in the past day.

BONK & CWIF Surge on Spot ETH ETF Hopes

The meme coin frenzy is going beyond just PEPE.

Other popular tokens like BONK and CWIF are also experiencing a price pump.

BONK is up over 23% to trade at $0.0000312, while the lesser-known CWIF has produced a 15% gain to hit $0.00000080.

These bullish moves have generated over $1 billion in spot trading volume for BONK and $6.1 million for CWIF in the past 24 hours.

And their rallies are clear evidence of the momentum in the meme coin space right now.

This momentum is being fueled by speculation that the SEC could greenlight a spot Ethereum ETF as soon as this week.

With ETF approval viewed as a potential catalyst for huge institutional investment, meme coin traders are piling into the market, hoping the next bull cycle is about to begin.

Given that meme coins soared in the weeks after spot Bitcoin ETFs were launched, there’s a good chance this speculation could become a self-fulfilling prophecy – driving prices even higher.

Trending Sealana Presale Raises $2.2M as Analysts Predict Potential

While PEPE, BONK, and CWIF are leading the way, another token that has traders buzzing is Sealana.

For those not in the loop, Sealana is a meme coin built on Solana that’s in its presale phase.

The coin’s chubby seal mascot is portrayed as obsessed with finding the next big Solana meme coin and features an aesthetic similar to that of the “World of Warcraft Guy” character from South Park.

Despite only launching a few weeks ago, Sealana’s presale has raised over $2.2 million from early investors.

With SEAL tokens on offer for just $0.022, there’s growing excitement around the token’s potential to explode – like previous Solana meme coin success stories.

The hype around SEAL is real, with respected voices like 99Bitcoins speculating that it could be the “next degen obsession.”

Even top YouTuber ClayBro stated that Sealana looks primed to become “one of the biggest Solana meme coins” of the year.

Bold calls like these are helping drive demand for SEAL.

Over 4,900 people now follow Sealana’s Twitter account, where the development team gives regular updates on the presale’s progress.

If the presale continues on its current trajectory and SEAL’s exchange launch is successful, many believe this could be just the start of the token’s journey.

Visit Sealana Presale

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