Shiba Inu Adoption: Texans Allowed to Pay Their Solar Panel Bills in SHIB

The residents of Texas can now settle their solar panel bills in various cryptocurrencies, including the popular memecoin Shiba Inu (SHIB). 
Numerous analysts have previously argued that mass adoption is among the essential factors in increasing the price of the coin.
Paying Bills in SHIB
The offering became available after the blockchain payment system FCF Pay partnered with Chariot Energy (a solar energy company based in Houston, Texas). Locals are allowed to use hundreds of crypto assets, such as Shiba Inu, by following three simple steps.
They need to select the aforementioned firm as the payee and fill in their billing information (name, email, and residential address). Lastly, individuals need to confirm the details and send the necessary payment. 
FCF Pay clarified that choosing crypto as a settlement option does not hide risks for customers since the company can’t access people’s wallets.
It also revealed that the option is currently available only in the Lone Star State. “If you want to look into buying/setting up solar panel in your house and you are NOT in Texas. Obtain an FCF crypto card and pay with crypto from your preferred company,” the organization stated.
FCF Pay added support to Shiba Inu’s native token in April last year. The first-ever memecoin Dogecoin (DOGE) is also part of its list of available tokens.
Adoption is the Key to SHIB’s Rise?
There are multiple examples of entities that have allowed clients to use Shiba Inu’s token as a payment method. One of those is the Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer, which embraced the asset in the spring of 2022.
The pseudonymous X (Twitter) user “Shib Informer” opined recently that mass adoption is one of the most important factors that could drive the memecoin’s price up. According to them, the other one is additional Shibarium utilization.
The layer-2 scaling solution that went live at the end of August is rapidly progressing, surpassing the three million milestone in total transactions. Those who wish to learn more about Shibarium and its specifics can watch our video.

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