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PinEye Launches Platform Integrating Gaming and Cryptocurrency Rewards

[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, UAE, June 30th, 2024] PinEye launches an innovative platform that combines gaming entertainment with community-driven engagement and fosters a sense of belonging. By leveraging cryptocurrency rewards, it offers its users a unique opportunity for financial empowerment. It will develop in phases to arrive at its final goal of creating the biggest […]

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Updates Launches Automated Trading Platform, Enters Beta Phase

[PRESS RELEASE – London, United Kingdom, May 26th, 2024] is pleased to announce the successful launch of its new automated trading platform, which is now in the beta phase. This platform is designed to assist users in navigating the volatile market with no human intervention, streamlining the trading process. Without any human intervention, making […]

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Bitcoin (BTC) Crash Warning, Solana (SOL) Meme Coins See Downturn, Pullix (PLX) Platform Set To Launch After Raising $4 Million

Despite the excitement generated by the Bitcoin ETF approval, the aftermath has seen Bitcoin (BTC) and many altcoins nosedive. However, Solana (SOL) is defying all odds with the platform memecoins making impressive rallies despite the general crypto market’s negative trends. Meanwhile, Pullix (PLX) has sold over 75 million tokens in the ongoing 6th stage of […]