Wall Street Memes Raises $13 Million in Presale – Traders Think it Could Be the Next Pepe

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Meme coin season is well underway and shows no sign of slowing down. With coins like Pepe showing huge price growth over the last few months, new coins continue to surge each week. The likes of Pepe 2.0 and Shib 2.0 are two of the most recent examples, with both having exploded over the last week.
Another newcomer that’s gained considerable investor attention is Wall Street Memes is a new community-focused meme coin that’s currently on presale. Despite intense competition among meme coins, it has raised over $13 million in just a couple of months, highlighting its strong community backing.
The Wall Street Memes whitepaper highlights the potential of memes to bind people and challenge established norms.
It also expands on how Wall Street Memes can offer financial empowerment amid a world preaching ‘greed is good.’

$WSM’s creators, the brains behind the hot-selling Wall St Bulls NFT collection that sold out within 30 minutes of launch, have launched this meme coin in response to market demand.
Wall St Bulls also expanded into Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs, showing their ability to align with the latest market trends.
The start of Wall Street Memes is tied to the GameStop saga. Its purpose isn’t just wealth accumulation but creating a community set on challenging financial structures via meme power.
By merging the engaging nature of memes with decentralized blockchain technology, $WSM aims to give its users the control – a core crypto principle.
Community-Focused Meme Coin With Over A Million Followers
Wall Street Memes’ $WSM token secured over $300,000 on its first day on presale. Impressively, this amount shot up to surpass $13.1 million over the next month, indicating strong investor trust.
This rapid growth has set $WSM as a promising prospect for major crypto exchanges, including big players like Binance.

Currently, $WSM is available at $0.031 USDT during its presale, which is in the 21st stage of a 30-stage launch.
It’s crucial to note that presales, while full of upside potential, also come with certain risks. However, platforms with strong community support tend to show resilience and success over time.
Wall Street Memes has over one million followers across five social media platforms. The following signifies a well-established, supportive community that points to the bright potential of the $WSM token.
Why are Some Traders Backing Wall Street Memes? Even Elon Musk Interacted
Wall Street Memes is gaining increasing investor traction. High-profile personalities like Elon Musk have shown interest, interacting with Wall Street Memes on Twitter – a move that has previously seen meme coins like Dogecoin skyrocket.
The distribution strategy of $WSM tokens is unique, emphasizing its community-first approach. With 2 billion tokens, half are set aside for presale, 30% are intended for community rewards, and 20% are reserved for exchange liquidity.
Importantly, the project team holds no token shares, maintaining transparency and reducing ‘rug pull’ risks.
Additionally, Wall Street Memes is rolling out an airdrop for presale supporters. They can win $50,000 in $WSM tokens by following the project’s social media channels and completing simple tasks.
$WSM’s Roadmap to Success
In its roadmap, Wall Street Memes has outlined a three-part strategy: Foundation, Launch, and Community Empowerment, showing its dedication to long-term growth.
The roadmap’s initial stage is community-building and establishing a powerful brand presence. The second phase includes launching the $WSM token, creating key partnerships, and securing listings on multiple top-tier exchanges.
The final stage focuses on amplifying community power, targeting a $1 billion market cap after its exchange listings.
Many analysts anticipate $WSM as the next meme coin to surge in value, with some even backing it to 100x given its strong community and a well-timed entry into the market.
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