XRP Listed on Gemini Following Ripple’s Partial Court Victory

Gemini confirmed it now accepts XRP deposits after days of speculation driven by a cryptic post on its verified X account.
The post, a thinking face emoji, was made in response to a question by crypto journalist David Gokhstein, who wondered whether Gemini would relist XRP.

In its announcement, Gemini clarified that it would initially only accept XRP deposits, but it is working on enabling XRP-related trading pairs in the coming days.
The exchange also asked its users to update their mobile apps to allow the new feature to take effect.
Gemini is the latest to relist XRP after Ripple won a partial victory in a case brought against it by the SEC. In a July 14 ruling, presiding Judge Analisa Torres found that XRP may not be considered a security if sold on secondary markets.
After the verdict, several crypto exchanges, including Kraken, Bitstamp, and Crypto.com, reinstated XRP.
However, in a new twist, the SEC has signaled its intention to challenge Judge Torres’ decision after it filed a letter of appeal on August 9.
Elsewhere, Ripple has been made a member of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) cross-border payments taskforce.
The BIS serves as the hub for international monetary authorities. Many observers believe Ripple’s inclusion into the 33-member committee shows the company’s growing acceptance in the mainstream financial space since its win against the SEC.

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