zbyte’s Decentralized Platform Goes Mainnet, Launches DPLAT Utility Token

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zbyte’s Decentralized Platform Goes Mainnet, Launches DPLAT Utility Token

[PRESS RELEASE – Cayman, Cayman Islands, January 18th, 2024]

zbyte, the premium Web3 infrastructure platform, is proud to announce the launch of its mainnet and the DPLAT token, a significant milestone in bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 technologies. zbyte is backed by prominent investors like Cartography Capital and Quarterback Financial.

The zbyte mainnet introduces an innovative low-code, no-code module that enables Web2 developers to effortlessly create decentralized applications (dApps) without needing to reskill. This pioneering approach addresses the developer scarcity in the Web3 space, offering a user-friendly platform for rapid dApp development across multiple public blockchains. zbyte views India as one of largest developer markets in the world and plans to tap into the opportunity through its campus chain program with various universities, the team has already hosted several hackathons in India to build dapps.

Co-Founder Krish Kupathil says: “At zbyte, we’re not just building a platform; we’re shaping the future of Web3 development. Our mainnet is designed to empower developers, bringing Web2 ease and familiarity to the Web3 environment. We’re excited to see how this will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.”

zbyte’s DPLAT (decentralized platform) protocol is a feature-rich, public token infrastructure including an API-first approach, support for multiple Layer1 blockchains, connectors to Web2 systems, and the ability to use dApps with near-zero or configurable gas fees. Additionally, the platform ensures the portability of digital assets across blockchains and native ZKP-based privacy, all within a single package.

Dan Quintero of Cartography Capital said “Investing in zbyte was a strategic decision for us. Their vision of making Web3 accessible to the masses and their commitment to simplifying the development process is truly groundbreaking. We believe zbyte is set to be a key player in scaling Web3 adoption.”

zbyte’s DPLAT can be accessed at dplat.zbyte.io and has a steadily growing community of contributors and creators with several entities already building on the platform e.g., zblocks, a web3 consumer engagement platform for large brands, the f*word, a digital fashion creator suite and Genovatic, a professional services company driving blockchain adoption across multiple enterprise use cases. zbyte’s DPLAT also supports leading blockchains like Avalanche and Polygon today with an MOU with PWR chain announced and to be integrated soon.

For more information users can visit zbyte’s: Official Website | Twitter | Telegram

About zbyte

zbyte is a trailblazer in the Web3 domain, offering a decentralized platform (dPlat) that streamlines the creation of dApps. By removing the complexities of wallet management and enterprise connectors, zbyte enables developers and enterprises to build on existing protocols through its low-code/no-code platform. The zbyte dApp store further fosters a thriving ecosystem of developers and users by allowing the upload of dPlat-enabled dApps that leverage the public blockchain. The DPLAT is used by developers to pay the platform fee and create dapps easily.

For further information, please contact:

Contact information: marketing@zbyte.io

zbyte – the world’s first decentralized platform

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