New Upgrade May Bring Workspaces, File Uploading, and Enhanced User Profile Features to ChatGPT  

ChatGPT has been all the rage since its launch in November 2022, and updates, particularly access to GPT-4 version for ChatGPT Plus paid subscribers, have kept it in the news throughout the period so far. 
The AI-powered Chatbot may soon have several additional features, including collaborative and connected workspaces. Additionally, users can upload files along with their questions. These upgrades will make the Chatbot provide more accurate and intelligent responses.
Upcoming Features
These details have come out on social media and some news platforms, attributing the information to leaked ChatGPT documents.    
Thanks to the additional feature, the AI platform can handle more complex questions as its comprehension of the problems would significantly increase with the additional and detailed information provided through the files. 
Letting users upload their profiles can help the Chatbot provide more personalized responses based on age, education, preferences, and geo-location. It can substantially improve the overall user experience on the platform. 
Online workspaces allow teams spread over different locations to work together and collaborate on a single platform in real-time. There are several big companies in this space, including Salesforce and Hubspot. ChatGPT, with all the buzz and curiosity it has generated, will likely intensify the competition in this space.
For Crypto, too
As Open AI’s CEO Sam Altman is also helming a crypto-focused project — Worldcoin — and has recently secured a Series C funding of $115 million, led by Blockchain Capital and backed by the likes of a16z, Bain Capital, and Distributed Global, any positive news about ChatGPT is undoubtedly going to enthuse the crypto community.  
Since ChatGPT provides detailed answers that the AI prepares after scrutinizing millions of internet pages, the crypto community has been using it to find answers to some of the perennial questions: will Ethereum fillip bitcoin, what is the future of memecoin, bitcoin and $100k milestone, and so on.
The answers are intelligent as they often refer to uncertainties and different factors that play a role. These are valuable information, nevertheless, for new investors and traders. 
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