Tradecurve Unveiles Revolutionary TradFi Platform Amid Ongoing Crypto Market Recovery

The crypto market continues to experience its fair share of ups and downs. However, two tokens, Chainlink and Stellar are putting up a fight against the bears.
Meanwhile, Tradecurve Markets has introduced a next-gen TradFi platform predicted to replace traditional exchanges.

Chainlink’s price is currently $7.12.
Stellar launched a new website in hopes of ending the price decline.
The Tradecurve market introduces anonymous trading.

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Chainlink (LINK) Beats the Bear Crypto Market
Despite the bearish outlook of the crypto market, the Chainlink coin has shown remarkable strength. LINK has been outperforming the top 20 cryptocurrencies, gaining 14% in value. LINK started the week at $6.09, then reached a peak of $7.21, and is currently at $7.12.
On September 21, the Chainlink network had its highest level of activity in two months, with 4,000 unique addresses engaging with it. This increase is due to the growing adoption of the CCIP among DeFi developers and traditional financial institutions.
As a result, crypto experts have predicted that as activity on the Chainlink network increases, its price will also. However, despite its recent strong performance, Chainlink’s LINK token is still 86% below its all-time high of $52.
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Stellar (XLM) Rebrands Website To Reignite Growth
As part of a plan to increase activities, Stellar has rebranded to a user-friendly website. This launch was aimed at attracting and onboarding new users to the Stellar service. This move is anticipated to help revive the Stellar coin, XLM, from its recent decline.
On August 7, the price of Stellar was at $0.143, but it faced significant bearish pressure. Consequently, by September 1, it had dropped by 20.2% to reach $0.114. However, Stellar ($XLM) has experienced growing adoption recently.
The recent increase in activity on the Stellar network was fuelled by its cross-border payment protocol. If the network can continue its increase, then the Stellar price has been projected to reach a high of $0.143 before the year ends.
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Tradecurve Markets Introduces Next-Gen Trading Platform
Tradecurve Markets is gaining popularity for its all-encompassing trading platform that could be the future of TradFi.
This trading platform aims to address several problems in the online trading market. One key improvement is the elimination of intrusive KYC checks.
That is, users can create an account using their email and link it to a cryptocurrency wallet. On this new platform, traders have access to features not normally found on many exchanges. They include a wide variety of assets, trading anonymity, and a leverage of up to 500:1.

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The Tradecurve Markets native token, TCRV, offers various benefits. Some of these include earning passive income through staking and accessing the protocol’s proven AI trading algorithms. Also, it grants holders access to the social trading platform and trading competitions.
Analysts believe that owning TCRV is the main way to enjoy Tradecurve Markets’ growth.
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