Xeta Genesis Is What The Crypto Industry Needs, Learn How to Invest in ETFs With This Platform

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Xeta Genesis Is What The Crypto Industry Needs, Learn How to Invest in ETFs With This Platform

The crypto industry needs a lot more work before it can go truly global. There are some positive steps that it is taking, and one of the major requirements is the integration of the pivotal realm of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with traditional financial markets, which could lead to a substantial flow of capital in both directions. Such a system would be mutually beneficial for all parties involved and serve as a significant catalyst for the future of finance.

Xeta Genesis is shaking up the crypto industry with its DeFi platform which lets investors enter various markets. It’s a groundbreaking platform for many reasons, as we shall see. Strap in because there’s a lot to go over!

Xeta Genesis Has It All For Investors

Traditional finance encompasses the established markets in the financial world, including ETFs, bonds, stocks, forex, gold, commodities, and the like. This realm stands in stark contrast to recent developments, particularly in the domain of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which has introduced a new paradigm referred to as traditional finance (TradFi) to highlight its innovative and distinct nature.

Xeta Genesis has many solutions that make it a likely candidate for being a true all-encompassing DeFi platform. It’s crucial to note that DeFi is not intended to replace TradFi; they can coexist, and in fact, it is mutually beneficial for them to do so. Recognizing this, Xeta Genesis is developing solutions that provide investors with the advantages of both worlds through its platform. This vision is being substantiated by the impressive total deposits, which currently amount to nearly $24 million.

The project achieves this by employing various strategies, resulting in an average monthly return of 20% for investors. The investments are denominated in USDC, with withdrawal cycles following a 28-day pattern, also known as XETA cycles.

Since its launch last year, Xeta Genesis has made rapid strides and established itself as a formidable player in its niche. Notable features include high-frequency trading in gold ETFs, futures, and forex. For those inclined towards technical aspects of investing, Xeta Genesis facilitates incremental gains in the forex market using tools such as moving averages, momentum oscillators, support and resistance levels, and price patterns.

Getting started with Xeta Genesis is straightforward, requiring only a crypto wallet compatible with either Ethereum or Avalanche. Once this is set up, connecting the wallet to the platform allows participation through individual accounts or pools.

The Genesis Pools Are Where The Magic Happens

Before we delve into the details of Genesis Pools and their potential for high returns, it’s important to understand Genesis Accounts. These accounts function as membership tiers, with different levels available for purchase at $250, $500, and $1,000 USDC.

Genesis Accounts are membership accounts that generate yields, offering returns of up to 20% per month. Withdrawals from these accounts follow a 28-day schedule, and they must be renewed annually, accompanied by a $25 monthly membership fee. Additionally, withdrawals from these accounts are subject to a 2.5% fee.

With that covered, let’s shift our focus to Genesis Pools, a feature of paramount importance within the Xeta Genesis project. It’s no surprise that most prospective users gravitate towards this aspect when evaluating the project. Genesis Pools represent the platform’s primary investment offering, allowing individuals to select a pool based on size and desired return, and then deposit USDC. These pools are private sub-accounts within the XETA Fund (XF), offering compounding returns of up to 20% per month, and can be accessed for withdrawal through your dashboard.

To utilize a Genesis Pool, an active Genesis Account is required, and the pools themselves entail a monthly management fee equivalent to 2.5% of the principal balance. Additionally, Genesis Pools has a 2.5% withdrawal fee, and it’s worth noting that only returns, not the principal amount, can be withdrawn.

All pertinent data can be managed via the XETADATA dashboard, accessible to all members. Here, users can initiate withdrawals, monitor their accounts, and view weekly and cumulative performance data for individual accounts and pools.


For the crypto industry to truly expand its presence in the broader financial landscape, seamless integration with existing markets is imperative. While there have been attempts by various projects in this direction, Xeta Genesis stands out as the epitome of comprehensive integration. Stay updated on the project’s latest developments through its social media channels.

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