Argentina Sees New Worldcoin ID Verification Record Amid Growing Controversy

Argentina’s technology and cryptocurrency sectors have recently surged with World ID, a project by Worldcoin, reaching an all-time high in user verifications.
On Aug. 30, Argentina set a new record with 9,500 citizens verifying their identities through World ID. While this might be considered a growing crypto adoption sign by some, it’s also quite controversial given Worldcoin’s issues with authorities and the community.

World ID is an innovative identity protocol that utilizes the proof of personhood (PoP) methodology. It verifies a user’s unique human identity through a biometric device, the Orb, without extracting personal information.
The growing popularity of Worldcoin has resulted in the World App, associated with Worldcoin, quickly becoming the most popular app in Argentina’s App Store.
Since Worldcoin was introduced in late July, the demand for World ID verifications has skyrocketed worldwide.
Worldcoin started to bridge the financial inclusion gap with digital identity. The platform, which has two million users, gained significant traction before the token launch in July. However, its release brought with it controversy.

Worldcoin hits single day sign-up record in Argentina despite local investigation
— Whale (@WhaleChart) August 31, 2023

The distribution of retinal scanners by Worldcoin has raised concerns about user privacy, which have prompted thorough examination by international data protection agencies.
The Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision in Germany and France’s National Commission on Informatics and Liberty are among the institutions investigating Worldcoin’s data handling practices.

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